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Where to begin. I purchased this trailer from Josh Herber on 08/13/18.

I purchased an 7x12 tandem enclosed trailer. I also added a ladder rack, studs 12 in. o/c and I changed my trailer height to 6'6". Josh was very prompt to respond and took my $500 deposit that day.

Fast forward to the day of pick up 09/21/18, I was driving from Greensboro NC to Pearson GA, a 7.5 hour drive. Half way there realizing that trailer pick up hours were between 12-4:30, I called to notify them that I may be 15 min. late (4:45). I called and got Jessica(you always get Jessica) she had no sympathy and basically told me I should hurry up.

After explaining to her that I was driving from two states away, she told me I needed to call the plant and make sure someone would still be there. I did, again basically told me "better get here or stay in GA over the weekend." Josh Herber dropped the ball and never even had them get my paperwork ready, luckily when I called the plant South Georgia Cargo they realized nobody had requested it to be put in and got that going for me. After driving to the wrong plant the first time and having to track someone down I finally got some help and figured out where I needed to be. When I got there I was met with very rude people asking me "if I knew I was late" "pick up hours are x-x" No customer care what-so-ever.

The original lady who said she would be there didn't even bother to stick around. They pulled my trailer up and told me to go out and check over everything. I did. It looked decent but the ladder rack was not on it and they did not space the studs correctly.

I walked in and informed Jose (A line worker they had check me out) I notified him and he told me he couldn't do anything about it and that I had to take it up with snapper. I was rushed through my paperwork, barely got a chance to thoroughly look over my product. After driving all day long I signed the paperwork so that I could leave with the trailer. Thinking it wouldn't be an issue and this company would make right.

I called Josh the following Monday to let him know that my expectations were not met. He said all he could do was refund my money for the work not done (now I have a trailer that was not what I ordered or expected) he said he would ship me the ladder rack. I said fine. I was already tired of dealing with these crooks.

A week and. half goes by and I call him back. I asked where my ladder rack was. He informed me that he was waiting on a shipment from the factory, he had to wait because they didn't send shipments until x orders were made.

I asked why are you not shipping it to my house? He responded because it was bulky and they welded them together. He said I would have to come pick them up 2 hours away in Fayetteville and install them myself. This was no big deal to him.

Again with no further compensation. I told him screw it and send all my money back. That was 2.5 weeks ago, 5 days before 10/15/18, I called and asked where my refund was, it had been 3 weeks since I requested a refund for the stud spacing not being correct and now it has been 2.5 weeks since I request a full refund. He told me they use "snail mail" and that he "checked" and It had been mailed the day I originally requested (9/24).

I called today 10/15 and got no answer instead it was the lovely Jessica (incompetent secretary) I asked for Josh and she said he wasn't available, I told he I was waiting on a refund and have been for almost a month now. She looked me up and stated there were no notes in the computer on the matter and no refunds had been issued. I got pretty irritated and upset and went off on her. She said she didn't have to deal with this and just hung up.

I called back and asked for her customer service number (as she told me to do before she hung up) she stated she just got off the phone with her "bookkeeper" and they would be calling me soon and would mail it out today. I have yet to receive a call. This company is a SHAM, they lead you to believe you are getting a quality product built by them. They send you no paperwork until you receive the trailer and then tell you "you knew about this".

You purchase this trailer from them with there name on it and any problem you have is the manufactures fault and problem. They do not stand behind their product and take your money and say screw you. I am at my wit's end, there is a lot of rust on this trailer it is not even a month old. The inside of the frame has rust in it.

They spray painted the frame. It has paint runs rolling down it. Overall I am now seeking to return this brand new trailer with rust all over it. Rust does happen over time, but this is just an example of poor quality.

They rig the trailer up so everything looks good when you take delivery and then it quickly starts falling apart. I have been doing a lot of research on this company, they have many complaints and issues, all responses are placing blame on the customer or that they "did their best". These people are thieves and need to be put out of business. I now expect to have the trailer returned with a full refund.

I am looking into filing a lawsuit against this company.

Here I am 10/15/18 having to force people to do the right thing and return money for work not completed and now come to find out I have a rusting "brand new" trailer. Stay Away!

Product or Service Mentioned: Snapper Trailers Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor quality, Poor customer service, Willingness to do nothing.

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im sorry you guys had a bad experience. i know these kind of things can be hard to deal with.

i have my own trailer company that strives for customer care and we would love your business. you can call me directly at 478-697-8374.

ask for James and ill make sure you never write another bad review when buying enclosed cargo trailers. Thanks


I have a brand new trailer with rust. As I have taken closer looks I have notice now the frame is twisted and the back handles to close the cable door are coming loose.


I was going their Tampa office tomorrow to make a deposit, Now I changed my mind



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